Key Reasons Why Photography Websites Offer Free Stock Photos

Demand for photos today is higher than ever. This is due to the high-tech, fast-paced world where nearly every is wants post photos on their social media such as Facebook and Instagram. The shift from text-based content to visual based content and the explosion of blogs, websites and e-commerce stores are the primary drivers of this photography boom. In fact, it’s not uncommon to stumble across photography sites offering free stock photos to the public. The big question is: Why do these photography websites offer free photos when they could sell them and earn decent cash. Well, here are the reasons:

Offering free stock photos is a way of building reputation

Let’s face it: In any profession, those who are on top of the food chain bite the biggest chunk of the market share. They are already established, so finding gigs or contracts is not a problem. In the photography niche, beginner photographers find it hard to get their names out there. The most efficient way to get their names out there and establish their reputation is to offer free photos. Some equally experienced photographers haven’t established their online presence. They also choose to provide free photos to establish a robust online reputation. That’s why you see many photography websites offering free stock photos for their customers these days.

Free stock photos websites earn from hosting ads

Some photography sites earn decently from advertisers who want to place their ads on those platforms. When a photography website establishes itself, it receives tons of traffic every day. When advertisers (especially those selling digital cameras or any product related to photography) realize that a photography website has overwhelming traffic, they will contact the site owner to place their ads there. For every ad clicked or any product sold, the photography website owner gets a commission. This is why free photography websites are thriving today.

Photography website owners get most of their revenue from free stock photo licensing

While free stock photos are free, some customers request exclusive use of the photos because free photos can be used multiple times on the web. Such request means licensing laws will apply, which means the customer will have to pay for exclusive rights. This can earn the photography website owner decent income.

Free stock photo websites provide customers with the option to buy premium photos

Almost all free stock photography sites have a section for premium images for sale. These photos are the cream of the crop of photographs, so the customer gets original, high-end photos for their websites, e-commerce stores or blogs at a fee. With more businesses focusing on quality and originality today, most opt to buy premium photos over free photos.

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