Planning on purchasing royalty free images? Keep in mind these 6 crucial things before buying a certain photo!

We all can agree that stock photography is an ideal solution when looking for online photos to use for your personal or business project and a real time saver. However, choosing the right stock photography website and the right photo is not so easy. In order to help you, we’ve decided to come up with a list of the most important things you should keep in mind before purchasing royalty free images.

6 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Royalty Free Images

Here is what you should keep in mind:

  1. Royalty free: When looking to buy stock photos, always opt for royalty free stock images so that your utilization of the images is not limited to the number of projects (personal or commercial projects).
  2. Delivery format: Before you decide to buy and use a certain stock photo you need to check the delivery format first. The format that is appropriate for your project will depend on the resolution and destination of your playback. If you are not completely sure which resolution you need for your project, it is recommendable to choose High Definition Progressive. Even though they might cost you more than the other photos, the quality will definitely hold up better after an image manipulation or format conversion. You can also use these photos in high definition personal or business projects as well.
  3. Source: A lot of stock photography websites claim to offer multiple photos and video formats, however, they are usually converted from one source only. Before you purchase a certain photo, you need to confirm the photo source. Keep in mind that if you buy a HD photo converted from a low-quality photo, you aren’t going to get the result or the quality you want. Ensure the stock photo you are buying is from higher or at least similar resolution source.
  4. Model release: If you notice that the photo contains popular or recognizable faces and you are planning on using the photo for a commercial project, you need to ensure the photo comes with a model release document. This is a document signed directly by the person on the photo and with this document, you as a buyer have the right the use the photo for your commercial projects. For editorial photos (that is a photo that has a documentary value) a model release document is not required.
  5. Property release: Similar to the example we mentioned above. If you notice that the photo contains a popular or recognizable property you intend to use for your commercial project, you need to ensure the photo comes with a property release document. The owner of the property should sign the document.
  6. File Size and Broadband: What is the point of buying high-quality or HD royalty free images if you don’t have the bandwidth to download and use them? Before you decide to buy a certain royalty free image, you need to ensure you have enough or extra broadband internet connection. Also, another important thing to remember is to always check the size of the file you intend to download and use against the internet speed you currently have. The HD photos can go a few megabytes in size so check the file size and broadband and then decide whether or not to download the photo.

We hope these tips are going to help you pick the right royalty free images and buy the perfect photos for your personal and commercial projects!


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